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Yes, you should consult an attorney when you are charged with any offense. Even offenses that seem relatively minor can have serious long term consequences. For example, many types of convictions can affect your employment, your driver's license, and your immigration status. Criminal cases can have an impact on your eligibility for certain schools, federally subsidized student loans, and specific types of employment in the future. It is always in your best interest to hire an attorney if you are facing criminal charges. An attorney may be able to successfully fight the charges, or reduce the consequences of the offense.
Yes. Even if you are guilty and have no defense, a skilled lawyer may be able to present mitigating factors to the judge or prosecutor and get a more favorable sentence or plea agreement. For example, your lawyer may convince the judge to give you probation or house arrest instead of jail time, or convince the prosecutor to drop or reduce some of your charges. Also, there are some cases where a defendant is factually guilty, but the police violated the defendant's constitutional rights. In some cases, an attorney may be able to get the charges dismissed if the police violated a suspect's constitutional rights. If you are charged with any type of offense, you should consult an attorney to see what an attorney can do for you in your criminal case.
Yes. Criminal convictions can have significant and grave consequences on a defendant's immigration status, and can lead to deportation proceedings. Immigration law is very complex, and the Law Office of Jessica Agnich frequently confers with immigration lawyers to properly advise clients about the possible implications of criminal convictions. If you are not a United States citizen and are charged with a crime, make sure you consult with an attorney who can protect your rights and shield you from potential negative immigration consequences.
If your constitutional rights were violated, the Law Office of Jessica Agnich will aggressively seek to exclude evidence obtained as a result of any police misconduct. If the police conduct an unlawful search, our office can ask the judge to exclude any unlawfully obtained evidence against you. If law enforcement violated your constitutional rights while attempting to take your statement, we can ask the court to suppress the statements under Miranda or due process grounds. Motions can be filed to exclude evidence that can get your case dismissed, get you better plea bargain deals, and help you win at trial. If the police violated your rights when you were arrested, make sure to consult an attorney who can discuss possible motions that can be made in your case.
Investigation is an important aspect of almost every criminal case. In most cases, witnesses need to be identified, located and interviewed. Often, security videos need to be preserved before they get erased or destroyed. Sometimes evidence needs to be examined for fingerprints, DNA, and other characteristics relevant to your defense as well. At the Law Office of Jessica Agnich, we work with qualified and experienced investigators who work to uncover evidence that can help us win or favorably resolve your case. However, you must contact an attorney as soon as possible to be sure that all favorable evidence is preserved and obtained for your defense.

You should look for an attorney who is experienced in criminal law, who will work hard on your case, and who is not afraid to go to fight for your rights and freedom. Jessica Agnich is an experienced attorney who has represented hundreds of criminal clients in the Bay Area. She has a reputation in the criminal defense community as being a dedicated defender who works extremely hard for the rights of her clients. Jessica Agnich is a skilled trial attorney with a proven track record of success in jury trial, and she always brings determination and compassion to the representation of her clients.

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Most criminal defense attorneys concentrate their practice on adult cases and rarely practice in juvenile court. These lawyers often lack the experience and knowledge to effectively represent juveniles. Jessica Agnich has the experience in juvenile court to successfully handle juvenile as well as adult criminal cases. If you are a parent whose child is facing a juvenile delinquency case, it is very important to get a experienced juvenile defense attorney to help your child. Jessica Agnich understands that your child's future is at stake, and she will zealously advocate for your child throughout the juvenile court process.

For most criminal cases the Law Office of Jessica Agnich charges a "flat fee," as opposed to an hourly rate. The flat fee could be for the entire case from initial consultation until post-sentence motions, or it could just be for a "stage" of the criminal case, such as up to the preliminary hearing. The fee depends upon the seriousness of the offense, and the amount of work the case will involve.

You may be charged with expenses relating to your case as well, depending on the individual case. These expenses may include investigator's fees, expert witness fees and transcription fees. Normally, the defendant is responsible for these fees, but no decisions about additional fees will be made until you are notified by your attorney.

Attorneys are barred by ethical rules from accepting a criminal case on a contingency fee basis. In other words, a criminal defense lawyer cannot charge you only if you win at trial or receive a favorable plea agreement.

The initial consultation with Jessica Agnich is free, whether you hire her or not.

The initial consultation with Jessica Agnich is free. If you choose not to hire her, you will not be charged any fees. If you decide to hire her, you will then be asked to sign a fee agreement and make payment prior to the first court appearance in your case.

Any statements made during the consultation are confidential, and the attorney-client privilege applies even if you decide not to hire Jessica Agnich after your free consultation.

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