"Being charged with a crime is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever endure. I will make sure you are informed at every stage of the criminal process. I will never pressure you to take "the standard deal" or passively allow prosecutors to dictate the outcome of your case. I will investigate every aspect of your case and leverage every favorable fact to your benefit. I will fight hard at every court date, from readiness conference to jury trial. From the first confidential consultation to the final resolution of your case, I will always stand by your side and defend you. I will never stop fighting for your rights, your liberty, and your livelihood."

Jessica Agnich

Jessica Agnich is an experienced Bay Area defense attorney who has represented thousands of clients in the Bay Area in criminal and juvenile delinquency cases. She has a reputation as a zealous advocate and successful trial attorney with judges, district attorneys, and other defense attorneys. She has over 10 years experience in criminal defense, and has previously worked at Public Defender's Offices in Solano County, Sacramento County, and San Francisco County. Jessica Agnich has served as faculty for the CPDA trial skills academy and frequently volunteers at Golden Gate University School of Law for moot court and mock trial classes. Jessica Agnich is a skilled advocate and always brings commitment, compassion, and determination to the representation of her clients.