How will I be billed if I hire the Law Office of Jessica Agnich?

For most criminal cases the Law Office of Jessica Agnich charges a "flat fee," as opposed to an hourly rate. The flat fee may include legal services for the entire case, or it could just be for a "stage" of the criminal case, such as legal services through the preliminary hearing. The fee depends upon the seriousness of the offense, and the amount of work the case will involve. This can be determined through a consultation with Jessica. Your legal consultation is free, whether you hire her or not. Request a free consultation.

You may be responsible for expenses relating to your case as well, depending on the individual case. Expenses vary but may include investigator's fees, expert witness fees or transcription fees. Normally the defendant is responsible for these fees, but no decisions about additional fees will be made without prior discussion and approval.

Attorneys are barred by ethical rules from accepting a criminal case on a contingency fee basis. In other words, a criminal defense lawyer cannot make an agreement only to charge a client in the event of a favorable outcome.