Should I talk to anyone about my case besides an attorney?

Absolutely Not.

If you invoke your rights and demand a lawyer, law enforcement will sometimes try to get other people to induce you into making a statement. For example, they may ask your cellmate or another inmate at the jail to ask you questions designed to trick you into making statements. They may ask a family member or friend to call you and ask questions about the case, while the call is being recorded. The jails always record all phone calls and jail visits, and they read all of the letters that you send and receive from the jail. Furthermore, law enforcement almost always reads a suspect's text messages (whether they were erased from their phone or not) and looks at their Facebook page or other social media. Be very aware of what messages you send and what statements you make about your case, even when you are not talking to law enforcement directly. The only person who owes you a duty of confidentiality and can't testify about your statements is your attorney, so make no statements to anyone else about your case.