What if the police say that if I give them information about other people or other crimes, they will not take me into custody or be more lenient in my case? Should I make a statement without an attorney?

Absolutely Not.

It is never in your best interest to talk to law enforcement alone. Police will often imply or promise that if a suspect cooperates, they may not take you into custody or will be more lenient in your case. Sometimes they tell you that if you "give up three, you get out for free," especially in drug cases. If you decide you want to cooperate with law enforcement in exchange for leniency, this should always be done while you are represented by an attorney. An attorney will make sure any promises for leniency are done in writing, and after being fully advised of all of your rights. If you make a deal with the police without an attorney, the police can take advantage of you or fail to provide you adequate protection in jail or on the street. If you decide to provide information to law enforcement, you should always consult to attorney to be sure that your rights and your safety are protected during the process.