Assault Charges

Assaults can be charged as misdemeanors carrying potential jail time, or felonies which could result in a possible prison sentence. Potential penalties for assault increase when weapons or firearms are using during the assault. Also, assaults on certain specified people like law enforcement officers, domestic partners, or the elderly can carry additional consequences.

Battery Charges

Battery can include simple battery of another, but can also be charged as a felony in certain situations. For instance, if a person is significantly injured as a result of the battery, you may be charged with a felony.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges include many different charges in California that vary in seriousness. Some domestic violence cases are charged as misdemeanors, and sometimes these charges can be filed as felonies. In the event of conviction, these charges can be extremely serious. Conviction can result in jail or prison time, and/or lengthy mandatory counseling for a year.

Consequences Of California Assault, Battery And Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence convictions and assault or battery charges can also restrict your gun rights and make it a crime to own a firearm. This limitation on gun ownership can restrict a person’s career choices since it will inhibit a career in the military or law enforcement. Jessica Agnich has extensive experience defending assault, battery and domestic violence cases. See some of Jessica's results, below:

Client Not Held To Answer At Preliminary Hearing In Gang Assault Case

After a preliminary hearing in which the alleged victim testified about being stabbed in a gang assault, the client was not held to answer by the judge. Charges were never re-filed against the client. See the press coverage and the court record…

Gang Assault With Great Bodily Injury Enhancement Dismissed

Client was charged with a gang assault and great bodily injury enhancement against multiple victims. All charges were dismissed before preliminary hearing.

Client Acquitted In Assault With A Deadly Weapon Trial

The client was accused of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly breaking the alleged victim’s arm with a 2x4 piece of wood. A jury found the client not guilty after trial.

Prosecution Dismisses Charges In Gang Shooting

The client was arrested for a gang related shooting resulting in assault with a firearm and gang enhancement charges. After a thorough investigation revealed exculpatory evidence, it was presented to the prosecution and all charges were dismissed in the interests of justice.

Domestic Violence Case Dismissed Before Preliminary Hearing

Client was arrested for assault with a vehicle and other domestic violence charges that were ultimately dismissed before the preliminary hearing.

Client Walks In Multiple Count Domestic Violence Jury Trial

The alleged victim accused the client of multiple domestic violence incidents, and claimed that he caused her physical injury on multiple occasions. The jury returned not guilty verdicts on all charges and incidents.

Client Found Not Guilty Of All Charges In Multiple Count Stalking Case

The client was accused of multiple stalking incidents and annoying/harassing phone calls charges. After jury deliberation, the jury returned not guilty verdicts for all charges and incidents.

Legal Consultation With A San Mateo County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one are charged with assault, battery, or domestic violence in California, it is essential that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the San Mateo County Law Office of Jessica Agnich for a free consultation to discuss your case.