Robbery in California involves the taking of personal property from another person by force or fear. In some situations, a person can be guilty of robbery when they steal property and use force or fear to retain it. Robbery is an extremely serious charge in California, and a strike under the Three Strikes Law. It also carries a potential lengthy prison sentence, especially if a firearm or weapon is alleged to have been used. Criminal defense attorney Jessica Agnich has had dozens of robbery cases, including strong arm robbery, armed robbery, bank robbery, and home invasion robbery. See some of Jessica's case results in robbery cases:

Armed Pharmacy Robbery Dismissed

The client was arrested for an armed robbery of a pharmacy. Drug sales charges were also filed. All charges again him were dismissed and were never refiled. Read the press coverage and see the court record...

Client Acquitted In Armed Home Invasion Robbery

The client was facing a potential prison sentence of over fifteen years for armed home invasion robbery charges and enhancements. After jury trial, he was found not guilty of all charges. See the verdict form…

Attempted Robbery Case Dismissed

Just before jury trial, all charges were dismissed against a client facing attempted robbery charges. The client was facing a strike conviction, a probation violation in another county, and potential deportation proceedings if convicted. See the court record….
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Burglary — Residential, Commercial, Vehicle

Burglary includes entry into a home, car, or other place with the intent to steal. Types of burglary can include instances of commercial burglary, vehicle burglary, or burglary of a home. Residential burglary in particular has significant potential sentencing consequences in California. Residential burglary is a strike under the Three Strikes Law, probation is only given in unusual circumstances, and jail custody credits can be limited if an occupant is present in the home at the time of the burglary. Jessica has represented dozens of adult and juvenile clients charged with burglary, and has achieved excellent results for her clients. See just some examples below:

Exculpatory Evidence Results In Dismissal Of Burglary Charges

The client was charged with felony burglary charges for alleged theft. Charges were dismissed in the interests of justice and the client was released from custody after the discovery of an exculpatory surveillance video. See the court record…

Client’s Burglary Case And Probation Violation Dismissed

The prosecution dismissed all charges against the client in a felony burglary case. His probation violation in another jurisdiction was subsequently also dismissed as a result of his favorable disposition in the burglary case. See the court record...

Other Types Of Theft And Receiving Stolen Property

Shoplifting Charges

Shoplifting is a misdemeanor in California and the potential penalties include up to six months in county jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

Petty Theft And Grand Theft Charges

Petty theft is the taking of property under $950. Grand theft is the taking of property over $950, or certain types of theft (e.g. the taking of a firearm, a vehicle, or stealing from the person of another).

Receiving Stolen Property Charges

Receiving stolen property charges are filed when a person is accused of buying or receiving property that they know to be stolen. It can be charged as a felony in California, and the penalties can be serious. Jessica Agnich has represented many clients charged with these and other theft offenses, and has obtained not guilty verdicts and dismissals in some cases, such as:

Client’s Receipt Of Stolen Property Case Dismissed Before Preliminary Hearing

In a co-defendant case where the client was charged with receipt of stolen property, all charges were dismissed against the client just before the preliminary hearing. Read the press coverage and see the court record…

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