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Case Dismissed After Evidence Submitted In Armed Criminal Threats Trial

The client faced a criminal threats charge and arming enhancement that qualified as a strike under the three strikes law. After the evidence was submitted but before the jury went out for deliberation, the prosecution determined they could not prove case beyond a reasonable doubt. All charges and enhancements were dismissed in the interests of justice before the jury even deliberated. See the court record...

Multiple Criminal Threats Cases Dismissed

Criminal threats and violation of a court order charges were filed against the firm’s client in multiple cases. After our investigators revealed exculpatory impeachment suggesting that the alleged victim was lying, both cases were dismissed just before trial.

Criminal Threats Case Dismissed Before Trial

The client was looking at a criminal threats charge, use of a firearm, and various prior convictions which could have resulted in a lengthy prison sentence. Impeachment evidence was obtained, including prior inconsistent statements made by the alleged victim at the client’s parole hearing. After the impeachment evidence was presented to the District Attorney, charges were subsequently dismissed. See the court record...