If I could give 10/10 this would be the one place I wouldn't hesitate to give it. I was assigned Ms. Agnich as my public defender and before I met her I just assumed I would be ignored and swept under the rug like I was just another number. This was not the case. Not even close. Ms. Agnich stuck by me and fought for my rights time after time. Even when I didn't care about myself or my rights, she cared and did what was right. She fought the good fight. At all times I was treated like a real human being with feelings and people who loved me just like everyone deserves to be treated. Everyone falls on hard times and makes wrong decisions, I was blessed to have someone like Ms. Agnich appear in my life and remind me that there is still hope in humanity and our justice system. I can honestly say, without a shadow of doubt, that my life would not be in the great condition it is in without the help and compassion of Ms. Jessica Agnich. You helped me to save my life. I'm forever grateful. Thank you so much.