Murder, Attempted Murder, Homicide

Homicide is a very complex area of the law, and it is difficult to find attorneys with hands on experience defending murder cases. There are many complicated legal theories that need to be understood to provide proper representation in a homicide case. For instance, principles of accomplice liability can make someone legally responsible for a homicide even if they are not the primary actor or person doing the killing. Felony murder law holds that in certain situations a person can be responsible for the death of another, even if they did not intend for the person to be killed. Also, in some situations a person may be guilty of a homicide for extremely reckless or negligent behavior alone.

The defenses to homicide charges are also very complicated and include self-defense, duress, and accident, to name a few. Having an attorney who knows which defenses are legally permissible or likely to succeed at trial is absolutely essential in the defense of these cases.

It is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney who is educated and aware of all of the potential defenses to a homicide case. The Law Office of Jessica Agnich has a proven track record of success in murder and attempted murder cases. See some of Jessica's case results, below:

Not guilty verdicts in Murder case

A jury found the client not guilty of murder and not guilty of voluntary manslaughter at trial. He was released on bail pending resolution of lesser involuntary manslaughter charges. He ultimately received a plea bargain with no additional jail time after his release from custody. Read the press coverage...

Premeditated Attempted Murder: Not Guilty of All Charges

The client was charged with attempted premeditated murder and other charges for a shooting that left the alleged victim with multiple gunshot wounds. If convicted, the client was looking at a potential lifetime prison sentence. After a lengthy trial, the client was found not guilty of all charges. See the jury's verdict...

Attempted Murder: All Charges Dismissed

Attempted murder, assault with a semi-automatic firearm, and possession of a firearm by a felon charge were filed against the client. All charges against him were ultimately dismissed. Read the press coverage and see the court record...

Gang Homicide: Favorable Plea Deal

The client accepted a plea bargain deal of eight years with half time credit for a gang homicide case with a potential maximum exposure of life in prison. Read press coverage...

Prosecution Will Not Seek Death Penalty in Client's Case

The client was charged with murder by lying in wait, a special circumstances making client eligible for the death penalty if convicted. He was represented by two attorneys, including Jessica Agnich as Keenan counsel. The defense team spent years gathering mitigation material that was presented to the District Attorney's Office. Just before the preliminary hearing, the prosecution announced they would not seek the death penalty in the case. Read the press coverage...

California Certified Criminal Law Specialist Jessica Agnich

Jessica Agnich is a criminal defense attorney located in San Mateo County. She is a criminal law specialist certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. This distinction requires that the applicant have knowledge of many criminal legal areas, including homicide and murder cases. Jessica also attends the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice four-day capital defense training every year to stay up to date on recent homicide law and defenses.

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